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"Watermelon martinis, exposed brick, Keri Russell's hair."


March 20th, 2020: how are you, friend? 🌸

Accept a virtual hug as we navigate our new normals, take a free crash course on crafting with Brit + Co., find small businesses to support in your city through a fantastic new tool, grab a virtual tour of the National Parks, try meditation with Headspace, visit an aquarium with penguins, and take lift off from your living room.

March 6th, 2020: you're on a roll 🚽

Hear from the awesome people at Who Gives A Crap (the toilet paper company making a big difference), learn how to recreate Trader Joe's delicious pancake bread, see the snazzy bow ties made for shelter pets, watch an incredible gymnast slay to Queen Bey, and discover more fun finds to fuel your friyay.

February 28th, 2020: dear my favorite reader (and basketball) 🏀

Join our journey to uncover the loss of a legend, write a love letter to your future self, learn about the colors of synesthesia, calculate your fashion footprint, ban small talk with 12 fun new conversation starters, check out an important visual history of libraries, and see how much the world has changed since the exact day you were born.

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