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Try these 8 fun activities before summer fades to fall

Ready or not, August is right around the corner. This means back-to-school shopping ensues, pumpkin-flavored-everything starts hitting the shelves, and evening sunsets arrive a little earlier than we'd all like. But here, we want to live in the moment. So in this 8th month of the year, check out these 8 unique ways to soak up the remaining days of summer and make every minute count!

Host a backyard movie night.

See the stars under the stars in the comfort of your own yard! This checklist can help you make it happen.

Have a Sundae fun day.

Build your own ice cream bar to cool off on these hot days with everyone's favorite treat.

String it together.

Keep it simple with these 6 satisfying crafts that only require string and are sure to please the kids.

Go treasure hunting in your town.

Have you ever wanted to create a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood or city but didn't know where to start? Ready, set, go!

Call in a classic.

Take a trip back to your childhood with these 30 classic outdoor games for the whole family to enjoy. Tag, you're it!

Get your garden ready.

Do you dig it? Gardening is extremely therapeutic - and seasonal. Here are the 10 things you should treat your garden to during the month of August, according to the experts.

Take a hike.

Enjoy every bit of the great outdoors before it requires extra layers to do so. This handy tool helps find a hiking trail near you.

Wade in the water & beat the heat.

If you happen to be seeking 21 DIY water activities you can soak up at home, look no further. Who doesn't love a good sprinkler?

Whatever the season, just keep L-I-V-I-N'!


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