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BoldBox offers new ways to conserve our oceans

Updated: Dec 17, 2020


What do film, ocean conservation, and a subscription box company have in common? When two bold ladies bring them together, the answer is: a lot. Meet Kira Cahill and Olivia Dahan, the creators of BoldBox . Growing up in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach (respectively), the ocean was their playground. It was only natural for them to meet one fateful day at an Oceana event in LA, where they discovered they had much more in common than being the only attendees under 40. They both went to school for film and now run their own production companies. They're both PADI certified divers. And above all, they share a strong passion to leave the world better than they found it.

Their business union soon began in 2016 when they co-founded Oceana's Young Leaders , encouraging younger generations to get more involved in saving our oceans. Through this endeavor, they regularly host screenings, beach cleanups, educational boat trips, and petitioning. "In the era of social media, the younger generations hold immense power and have the ability to spread awareness very easily. We are focusing on creative and exciting new ways to educate and inspire [them]," the duo said.

Their work with Oceana has also sparked some serious inspiration in each of them along the way. They realized that instead of simply picking up plastic waste on the beach, why not try to help solve the issue before it gets there?

"[After] seeing the ocean in a much more personal and up-close way, I seem to repeatedly have my heart broken. Coral that I swam amongst 11 years ago is now grey, areas of flourishing life are now empty, there are plastic bottles and trash just sitting on the bottom of the ocean. As a bystander, or casual beach goer, it’s difficult to really know what’s going on because you can’t see it. But think about this: 73 million sharks end up in the global fin trade every year. If that same statistic was about a land mammal, the world would be up in arms. Yet, out of sight, out of mind," Kira added.

She and Olivia decided to turn their angst into action, by finding more attainable ways to implement sustainable living on a greater scale, and prevent more plastic from landing in Earth's largest ecosystem. "We were frustrated with having to visit several websites to find eco-friendly products that worked, were affordable, functional, and chic. This whole process, as you might imagine, was extremely time consuming. We saw a gap in the market. There wasn’t a single place to find everything we needed or wanted to maintain our eco-friendly lives, so we decided to change that," they said.

Enter: BoldBox . It's a subscription box service delivering eco-friendly products across four different categories: home, on-the-go, personal care, and wellness. A single box might include an all-purpose counter cleaner, sage, a bamboo toothbrush, a reusable water bottle and tote, gum, a dish sponge, and a bath bomb - and to stay true to their company ethics and avoid creating excessive waste, these items are delivered on a quarterly basis. Aside from becoming a one-stop-shop for consumers to have a headache-free, wallet-friendly experience, Olivia and Kira hope their subscribers will gain a sense of ownership and empowerment, accompanied by an eagerness to learn and grow with their community. After all, being eco-friendly doesn't have to be overwhelming! Eventually, customers will even be able to choose one of three organizations to donate proceeds from their box to: The National Forest Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, and of course - Oceana.

" BoldBox is habit changing. It's a life switch ... Being Bold transcends into all aspects of life. It takes courage to be bold in standing up for yourself and the environment. We are about betterment and bettering. Be bold in your personal life, your career, your relationships, and in taking care of your environment," they added. I think Leslie Knope would approve.

When later asked about their definition of success, they each shared a quote - and I naturally responded with an enthusiastic "did we just become best friends?!". We concluded we're all a bit corny - but hey, who doesn't love a good quote? (Hence the Emerson nod at the top of this email). Olivia added, "the definition of success is being courageous, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and trying your very best to achieve your goals. I’m striving to make a meaningful and positive impact on the people around me and hopefully, on the world. I want to be proud of the life I’m living, focusing on the work I am passionate about, and knowing that I am doing everything I can to lead a better, happier and healthier life." Emerson, who? 😉

Throughout their success, they'd like to remind readers that the ocean actively produces half of the oxygen we breathe, supplies food to billions, and absorbs carbon monoxide - which is key to slowing down climate change. "If you eat fish, you should care about ocean conservation. All of the microplastics humans so haphazardly throw away or litter are ingested by fish, which then, we ingest. It’s truly all connected," Kira and Olivia added. Meanwhile, I'll be looking at my Friday night sushi dates a little differently.

If launching BoldBox this year wasn't exciting enough, the one thing they both seem to be looking forward to most in 2019: the return of Game of Thrones. So brace yourselves - conservation is coming. And with boldness leading the charge, I have a pretty good feeling about this generation of change.


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